How You On A Diet

Here is the question. Are you on a diet? I am a few hundred times. What about you?  I myself chose to become heavy. You ask why? Well, I never eat anything because of errors. When I choose to eat something now, I have chosen to become heavy later. Does that make sense? It took me 47 years to think about this. I know it's in the back of my head but my health need to bring it into my thinking.

I sat and thought about all my diet and what they wanted me to do. I have to eat their products to life and I will lose weight. I have to do this exercise, 3 days a week for the rest of my life, and I will lose weight.

Well, I am a busy person and I am not wealthy by any means so that the two options do not really work for me. So what happened? I stopped dieting and choose to eat them, delicious cheap pizzas and menu items their dollars and guess what happened? I went straight back to my own overweight again.

Now I have found ways to lose pounds. Are you on a diet? I do not. I have chosen to "change my lifestyle." It's not a drastic change. I set some goals to achieve, I eat the right food and I walk every day. I stopped dieting dollar menu and I stopped drinking diet soda and I stop that unwanted weight. I drink lots of water now and eat chicken breast, pork loin, turkey breast and salad. I treat myself at the weekend a bit but I still get in better shape and lose weight and feel much better!
Post Title : How You On A Diet

How You On A Diet,

How You On A Diet